It in impossible to have rich people without having poor people and visa versa. Throughout history, there has been a massive social and political gap between the wealthy and the non-wealthy. So much so, the distribution of wealth around the world is scary; the richest 0.6% of people hold 40% of the world’s wealth.

Hatred for the rich has been normalised for many years. The workers hate the boss for treating them bad is the classic example. Now, with social media and the ability to see into the one percent’s lives, a lot of the hatred is found in jelousy. Jealousy is built into humans and animals experience it too. It is natural.

The word billionaire has gained negative connotations recently. It connotes corruption, selfishness and arrogance. Most people would agree that this stems from the rich evading tax. Living in tax heavens like the Cayman Islands or Monaco means that you do not need to pay income tax. It is estimated that 10% of the worlds GPD is stashed in offshore accounts. That is trillions of dollars. One billionaire avoiding tax is equivalent to thousands of regular people avoiding tax; it breaks the economy.

The chasm between the rich and the poor is a problem because the richer the richer get the poorer the poor get. This inequality is a modern problem that must be solved.